Yews Hill is a service providing individual support for up to 12 people with a learning disability. There is a smaller property, North Rise, in the same grounds providing support for up to 5 people with a learning disability. Yews Hill and North Rise are detached properties set in their own well maintained gardens. 
Our homes are between the busy area of Lockwood and Crosland Moor, each with bus routes into Huddersfield Town Centre or outwards into the valleys giving access to Holmfirth, Meltham and Marsden. 

We enjoy having our families around for fun days which we help organise usually during the warmer months; a good day is assured for all. We enjoy many activities, especially a relaxing massage, pedicure or manicure. We also enjoy sports, disco and particularly enjoy eating out and visiting places of interest. We have enjoyed holidays abroad and days by the seaside at a variety of places.
The staff at Yews Hill are highly trained in all areas of care and ensure each person is supported as an individual with individual needs. The staff are warm and friendly and are committed to delivering high standards of care and support. Yews Hill is a lovely place to be and aims to be truly person-centred.

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For enquiries, please contact:

Sian Radley
Services Coordinator

Tel: 01484 667866