I like to go shopping, bowling and for a meal.

Graham Dyson
Bridgewood Trust service user

I like the staff and love my bedroom because it has all my own things in it. I like going out during the day and the evening and also like it because my sister comes to take me out. I like the dinners as I get to choose what I want.

D Jowett
Bridgewood Trust service user

I like the people and the staff here at Bridgewood House. I like helping and going out during the day and evenings. I love the food and the entertainment. I think the people who sing are friendly to me because they get me up to sing and dance.

S Prouting
Bridgewood Trust service user

I am very pleased. My son has been looked after for many years by Bridgewood Trust. So much so, I have another son with learning difficulties who, when the time 
comes, I want him to go to Bridgewood Trust too so they can stay in contact with each other. If I have doubts or concerns I can always talk things through.

Mrs Abbott
Parent of a Bridgewood Trust service user

I cannot fault Ravensknowle Road. I am kept informed of all his care and what is going on. Ravensknowle has surpassed all our previous experiences in a positive way. The staff team go way beyond what is expected of them and treat my son as an individual.

Lesley Hey
Parent of a Bridgewood Trust service user

Philip has been with the Bridgewood Trust since December 2002. During this time he has been well supported and when needed, the Trust has gone the extra mile to deal with problems that have arisen.

Mrs Bampton
Parent of a Bridgewood Trust service user

I really enjoy working for The Bridgewood Trust and I feel that I have been made to feel very welcome as part of the team. I find all the training excellent to help me in my role as a support officer.

Jordan Turton
Bank Support Officer

 I like talking to the staff because they help you. I enjoy it.

Rebecca Farrell
Bridgewood Trust service user

It is good to make new friends.

June Hey
Bridgewood Trust Day Service user

I like to see my friends. My favourite activity is baking.

Ann Jones
Bridgewood Trust service user

Training helps me keep abreast of things and keeps my knowledge up-to-date, as well as enhancing my skills.

Mark Lawson
Manager, Grandsmere Place

Training helps me do my job correctly and gives me up-to-date knowledge.

Natalie Ashcroft
Support Worker, Well Royd House

Training improves my skills, which helps me do my job better and most importantly give quality support to service users.

Carmen Ryan
Manager, Bridgewood House

I have not worked in the care sector before I came to Bridgewood Trust nine months ago, but I enjoy working as part of the office team helping to support the service users.

Sandra Lodge
Purchasing and Administration

I like living at Ravensknowle because I like the house and all the staff, they are good and I like all the food. I also like all the clients and friends who visit. I do not want to leave as I like it so much. I enjoy all the house activities which we plan together. I am always happy here.

Vicky Lum
Service User, Ravensknowle

I have nice friends here and I like the staff, they are good to me. I get to go on nice holidays and I have a lovely bedroom. I like the staff helping me clean my bedroom. I like our trips out to different places. I like it that we go on holiday every year.

Catherine Langdon
Service user

I like living here, I don't want to move ever! I like having my own bedroom. Staff are nice and friendly and we have nice food, I like the staff. I like having help with my bedroom. I like everybody that lives here. I like having trips out and friends visiting. I am happy.

Debra Reynolds
Service user

I like living here because of nice staff and good holidays and outings, like the cinema and bowling. Good care and support and nice friends. You learn how to become independent.

Emma Beaumont
Service user

I have lived at my house for fifteen years. I like living here, my good friends also like living here. I can see where I lived with my mum and dad from my bedroom window. I never went to day services when I lived at home but I enjoyed going on buses with my mum. Now I go to Bridgewood Trust Day Services four days a week.

I like going to organ concerts, my carers take me. I also like going out with my friend Catherine so I go out for a lot of meals with her support. I can now have support on computers. I play on drums in xylosound. I go crown green bowling. I like the staff here.

Stephen Kaye
Day Service user

I have worked for the Trust for years. After retiring I am now back on bank as I missed it. It is a really good place to work and live. 

Mary Monaghan
Bank Support Officer

I have worked for The Trust for a number for a number of years. Ravensknowle has such a lovely atmosphere. The home is warm and lively. All the residents have a laugh and look after each other.  

Leah Melkowski
Manager, Ravensknowle Road

Punctual, flexible, reliable staff.

Michelle Goodier
Support Officer, Newsome Road

I find my work very rewarding and if you can come away from a day's work feeling you have helped someone, it makes the job more than worthwhile. 

Eleanor Lyon
Manager, Southlees

I am really happy where I live. I wouldn't change anything. I like the people I live with and who work there. 

Bridgewood Trust Service User

It's a nice place to live and the people are nice. I like it. 

Bridgewood Trust Service User

I feel I have not only become part of a staff team, but part of a family. Everyone within Bridgewood is kind and welcoming and overall, I would put my loved one in the caring hands of Bridgewood Trust.

Carol Evans
Support Officer, Colne House

The care that residents recieve is of a very good standard. Social needs are met by a very good social life. I like working at Cleveland Road. I am very happy in my job. I like what I do. I like the people I support. I like the staff team here. 

Lynn Irving
Craft Centre

It's nice outside in the garden. I like it here. I like my bedroom. I like my friends. 

Debra Wynn
Bridgewood Trust Service User

The best home. I can do what I choose. 

Carl Widdup
Bridgewood Trust Service User

I like going on outings with my friends from Ravensknowle. I like watching TV in the lounge and listening to music. The staff are all nice.  

William Seed
Bridgewood Trust Service User

The best part of my job is working with the service users, family and carers to enable our client group to build and develop their skills and support people to gain new experiences. 

Jackie Byrne
Manager Of Craft Services

Being new to social care I find the quality, amount and depth of training fully equips me to fulfil my role. 

Michael Hayes

I value the experiences, training and qualifications I receive from Bridgewood. I love my job and feel lucky to have chosen a career I enjoy.