Day Services

Day Services:  Your Day, Your Goals

Do you want to try new things and meet new people? We can support you to do that. Our very popular day services provide outstanding opportunities at three sites in the Huddersfield area.

We pride ourselves in providing day services that stimulate and motivate you to try something different and on the quality of our working relationships with families, carers and supporting professionals.

We offer a diverse and structured approach with a purpose to all that we do. We are open five days a week.

You will find so much to do including;

Educational and skills development:

  • Literacy and numeracy skills, use of Makaton
  • Shopping for food and various craft supplies
  • Healthy eating, cooking and baking
  • Gardening - keeping a wide range of vegetables and plants used in cooking and decoration
  • Crafts - making greeting cards, decorations and gifts which are sold in the craft shop
  • Photography - Stills and DVDs made of activities
  • Computing Skills
  • Cultural days – sampling food, music and language from different cultures

​Social & Community Involvement:  

  • Restoring and modernising old furniture for sale in the craft shop
  • Visits to places of interest – using our National Trust membership Special events, one off activities, visits to art exhibitions etc.
  • Links with schools
  • Xylosound – music opportunities with an established group in Slaithwaite

Psychological and Physical wellbeing:

  • Relaxation, sensory stimulation, Tibetan head and aromatherapy massage
  • New age curling, crown green and ten pin bowling
  • Hiking, keep fit, singing, drama, dance and drumming group
  • Drama opportunities and the making of educational DVDs

Horticultural Activities:

  • Horticulture educational and skills development
  • Propagation of plants from seeds and plugs                       
  • Visits to nurseries for plant/stock purchases and to expand interest and knowledge
  • Making compost - educate on purpose, structure and content of compost
  • Maintenance of mowers and gardening equipment; repairing, cleaning, oiling etc.
  • Learning the safe use of machinery, use of personal protection, goggles, gloves etc.
  • Landscaping work, mixing concrete, laying flags and paths, constructing fencing etc.
  • Making bird boxes, bird tables, planters/door plates and seasonal goods etc.
  • Use of computer for plant labelling and pricing
  • Selling of plants, garden produce, compost and craft items

Horticultural, Social & Community Involvement:  

  • Special events, one off activities, visits to gardening exhibitions/shows
  • Links with schools and businesses
  • External contracts for ground maintenance work 
  • Attendance at horticultural shows with own display stand and sales of plants

These are just a few of the things our day services undertake. Do you want to know more? Why not come down to one of our day services, talk to the people there and see for yourself the great things we do.