The Gables is a modern building able to support 13 people in nine apartments all en-suite, some single and some double. If you fancy some time in your own flat or would like to share with a friend we can help you to achieve this.

Whilst we respect your privacy and strive for the under pinning values of care, we are available to support you 24 hours a day and are very capable of providing the support you need from leisure pursuits to your daily living needs.

We pride ourselves in promoting independence and individuality and welcome any suggestions you may bring. 

The Gables is situated at the top of Huddersfield Town Centre. If you are a football or rugby fan the stadium is only a short journey away. The train station is only a five minute walk. Some of the people who live with us love to shop and we often support people with the latest fashion from our many boutiques in the town centre. We enjoy eating out and being involved in the community based projects available to us. The Gables is also situated close to day services if this is something you choose to do during the day.

Our staff are highly trained in all aspects of care and we aim to provide a safe, person-centred environment where you can be safe in the knowledge that your needs will be met and we will do our very best to support the kind of life you prefer to lead.

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For enquiries, please contact:

Sian Radley
Services Coordinator

Tel: 01484 667866